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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Little Genius...

My youngest son, Kiernan, is 5 years old. He is tall and skinny. He is constant motion. He has the greatest smile I have ever seen. He has dark curly hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He is magnificent.
Kiernan, as many of you know, is also non-verbal. He does not use words at all. Yet, he has no problem in getting his opinion heard or his needs met.
His teacher, Mrs. Kelly, is the first to brag on him for anything he does. She is amazed by him all the time.
Kelly ran to me the other day to tell me that Kiernan is spelling out words with his ABC letters.
Last week, Kiernan reached into his little bag of letters and one letter at a time....M....A....S....H...he wrote.
MASH? she thought. What the heck is MASH?
When she asked me the next day, she was relieved to know the answer. MASH is his favorite show. Yes, that MASH with Alan Alda. He loves the theme song.
He knows what he likes and like I said, he lets you know also.
So now, every day when he spells out his word MASH, Mrs. Kelly joyfully hums the theme song and Kiernan laughs the best belly laugh he can.
Now that is pure genius.

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