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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Monday, January 19, 2009

GO GOO....

I was cleaning up after dinner tonight and took the broom into the Therapy
Room to sweep up a bit. I walked in and saw my 2 sons in there.
Kiernan was watching Barney and Patrick was on the computer.

I said, "Hey boys, how's it going'?"

Patrick said, "Good"....

Kiernan said "Goo"...

Go Figure !!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I really take the time to think about my children, I truly do not think about their Autism first and foremost. I think about them as individuals.

Sometimes, and this is just my opinion, parent's overthink the Autism aspect of their children, some of them who happen to have Autism.

Autism is not a negative in our home. I know..hard to believe...

Maybe, we as a family, are disillusioned...

Yet, maybe, we as a family are right on target.

I know my children are Autistic...but, personally, I have never ever let that define our children. They are far more than the label of Autism will ever stifle them to be.

Just today, I am in Kiernan's yearly review...the boy is at 3rd grade level and in the 2nd grade...Autism was not even brought up until we had to determine whether or not to reassess him...

I am so very proud of my children. They are amazing, gifted, talented, individuals who happen to have Autism. What do I think about their Autism..I don't...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Erin told me she had something to show me yesterday. Now, this is a 12-year-old who does not have much to do with me lately...so I was happy she was even speaking to me with a smile on her face.

Erin hands me a blue sheet of paper. On the paper was written...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been nominated by your core team of teachers for DECEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH.

Erin is so proud, but not near as proud as her father and I are of her. Erin has come so far in her 12 years of life. Diagnosed with Autism at the young age of 14 months. Delayed in speech until she was 4 years old...smearing everything smearable until she was 9 years old....to now, a very functional and happy (except when I am in the room) 12-year-old Middle School student.

Erin sings almost all of the time. She always has a song in her head...she gets that from me, but DO NOT ever let her know that or she will stop.

Erin makes straight A's on her report card, without one bit of help from anyone. She is just smart. Her behavior is impecable and we are most proud of that.

CONGRATULATIONS Erin..you deserve it!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I was speaking with our 12-year-old daughter, Erin, last night. We were watching the Golden Globe Awards together. That was a surprise in itself..you see, she does not want much to do with me now since she has become a pre-teen. That is very Neuro-typical of her and a great surprise to me.

While we were watching, Kiernan, our youngest son, came out of his area...a downstairs room he likes to watch television and play on the computer...Kiernan was trying to tell us something and we could not figure it out. Finally, we realized his DVD had stopped and he was having trouble getting back to regular cable.

Erin mentioned how Kiernan is doing well by letting us know what he wants, without words.

I asked Erin if she remembered when she was non-verbal. She started speaking around the age of 4 years old. Before that, she screamed and cried ALL OF THE TIME....

Erin told me..."I WAS SCREAMING TO BE HEARD"!!!

Makes sense to me....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I am numbed by the recent news of John Travolta's and Kelly Preston's son Jett's death. Really, truly numbed.
I look at pictures of Jett from a very young age and then into his teenage years and I see my youngest and my oldest children. They have very dark hair with great eyes, just like Jett.
When I see the pictures of Jett Travolta, I see a child who was deeply loved and adored..you can just see this from his face. You also see the same expression in his parent's eyes when they are in his presence.
I am not a Scientologist, but I get their reasoning in the reincarnation philosophy.
How can a human with such soul on Earth, as Jett had, not continue on and possibly become something even greater in his next life. I like to believe that this life is not all we have to offer. I believe we take our experiences from our life here on Earth and continue on....hopefully being better in our next life.
How can this be all that there is?

I truly do not care if John and Kelly are Scientologists....I could give a rat's behind if Jett was ever diagnosed with Autism....does that really, truly matter?

I have been a fan of John Travolta's for 3 decades. I had his posters on my walls, much to my Mother's chagrin. I have seen Urban Cowboy over 100 times...sad, but true. Remember, I was an Agriculture Education major and on the Rodeo Team in college!

What I hope we all learn from Jett Travolta is that life is so short...much shorter for many. I love how the Travolta's have stated that they are thankful for the time they had with their son. I am positive that Jett felt the same. He was blessed to have them for parent's and they were even more blessed to be able to say they were the parent's of Jett Travolta. Rest in Peace Jett!!!!
Thanks to you, this mother of 6 hugs her kids just a bit tighter at night when I tuck them in...

Monday, January 05, 2009


Kiernan is ready for school. He brought us clothes..so we dressed him. He got his coat out of the closet, so we put it on. He got his backpack on....and now is patiently waiting for his bus...

Trouble is...the bus comes tomorrow!!

Silly boy !!!


Saturday, I cut my oldest son's, Patrick, hair. He loathes (no exaggeration) haircuts.
I only cut his hair every 4 months or so...so I cut it short in a buzz. He is so cute with it short.
Our electric razor petered out on me during the haircut, so I ran to Walgreen's to buy a
newer model.
Last night, Kiernan, our youngest son, brought me the new razor to open. Kiernan hates
a haircut worse than Little Patrick. In fact, it usually takes 4 adults to get his hair cut.
I opened the new razor and told Kiernan that we would cut his hair tomorrow.
Nope, he was insistent (without words, of course)....
So, at 9 pm, with my assistant Meaghan (his older sister), we cut Kiernan's hair.
I am so proud of how this young man sat and let us shave his head. What a difference
a few months make.

Kiernan is severely autistic. He is obsessive and compulsive. He is non-verbal. He is
happy for the most part...really, I have never met anyone who is happy all of the time....
and if they are, I generally don't trust them. Kiernan has a hard time with change, but
is doing an amazing job conforming to changes in his environment.
Kiernan is following instructions well at school and at home.
He is growing up to be a very smart and much calmer little boy.

So, any new Autism parent's out there, please keep in mind....
Children with Autism do get better with age and can learn to adjust to
Now, with our help, we need to get Society to jump on board and except
our children.
Baby steps Jeanette, baby steps......

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Caitlin cannot find her headband. She has had this headband for at least 6 years. At night, after her bath, she wraps it around her wrist. In the morning, she takes off the headband and hands it to me when I ponytail her very long hair.
Caitlin is a creature of habit. She loathes change.
Meaghan and myself have spent the morning looking for this headband, to no avail.

Caitlin is a 17, almost 18, year old Autistic young woman. She is very good at compensating for most issues in her life. She really does ask for very little. She wants her Diet Sprite, Rold Gold Pretzels, Goldfish crackers, beef jerky or chicken strips and her Rice Krispie Treats. On a good day, she will have Chex Mix...
Caitlin goes to 11th grade in a regular high school. She attends regular classes with an aide. She makes all A's and B's. She has a 3.5 Grade Point Average.
Caitlin has impeccable behavior in school and amazing restraint in situations which would normally set her off. She can usually be redirected into calming down when she starts to get frustrated.

But....this headband thing is setting her off.
Setting her off for obsessing all day about a tattered old headband. A headband that in some small, unusual way, makes her feel calmer and happier.

So...off I go to look, once again, for this headband.
Wish me luck !!!!