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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


That is my dream...one day, when you mention Jenny McCarthy, you get
Jenny McWho?

Jenny McCarthy has done more harm for children with Autism than any
other person in the history of Autism. Through promoting that she has cured...
I mean, recovered....I mean..hell, she can't even get the story straight.

Anyway, when I bring up the fact that I need to prepare my children for their future...
their future education, their future living arrangements, their future jobs, this is what
alot of people say..."Jenny McCarthy says your children can be cured...why don't you
cure your children, then you wouldn't need the services?"

Through Jenny McCarthy campaigning that autism can be cured..why would we need to prepare for our childrens future if they can be cured?...

I am working very hard to make sure my children with autism have a fighting chance
to have a decent life after public school. The school system has been a wonderful
place for my kids. They have been treated with respect and dignity. They have
inclusioned my children and educated them better than I would ever have imagined.
I want my children to be able to attend the college of their choice. I want them
to be able to work wherever they want.

Lately, I have had contact with several moms who have older Autistic children. These
true Mother Warriors, the one's who are fighting for better services for their adults with
autism, all say the same thing to me...
"Jenny McCarthy pisses me off"!!!!

Guess what? She pisses a whole bunch of people off.
I stopped liking her way before the Autism thing...I stopped liking her when she compared
herself to Lucille Ball...as if !!!!

Even worse, now she has written a new book with the same doctor who said my
children's souls were stolen by Autism...he obviously has not met my children!!!

Get ready for Oprah and Larry King to pounce on this one....

I wish to one day turn on the television...I want to see a group of women who have
seen autism for over 20 years. The mom's and dad's who have loved and cared for
a child with autism and now are caring for an adult with autism. I want to hear
their stories of encouragement. I hear these stories every day...why can't the rest
of the world be blessed with the beauty I get to see and not the "pity party" that is
so popular in the world of Autism?
I want to see adults with autism functioning and prospering in the community...like
Temple Grandin.
These parent's have paved the way so children like mine can get an education in
a regular setting...they have made it much easier for me to raise my Autistic children.

Now it is my turn to make it easier to pave the way for those who are younger
than my children. Now it is my turn to make sure that Autism is not just considered
a quick cure because Jenny says so.
Jenny McWho?????

Now, that's better!!!


Jeanne Anderson said...

I'll jump on that bandwagon: Jenny McWho? My kid is who he is and doesn't need to be "cured" of anything.

Anonymous said...

You mean Jenny McMeasles?

Anonymous said...

AKA Jenny McMoron!

Miss Gonzo said...

It's just a business for her, I actually doubt, that her child has ever been autistic.
Think about it, first her child was a very "special" chrystal child, then all of a sudden he had a "terrible disease" and then she presents a perfectly healthy child on Larry King, calling him Autistic.
A three year old with perfect speech, eye-contact, etc, apparently has a "terrible disease" called autism, whereas high-functioning autistics, who can't speak as well and don't make eye-contact, like myself get accused of being not "really" autistic, by those mercury nutters.
It's more likely, that he has a form of epilepsy, that comes with autistic traits also.
I've written a long series on her moneymaking scam, (Jenneration McQuack)it'll blow your mind, just how much greed and exploitation is at work here.

InHisMightyGrip said...

I just wanted to quickly tell you that, I started posting the blog. I am angered by what is being said over on that blog--it goes against all I believe in with my children, and all my morals on profiting off of them as well. Also, the information is not even accurate. I hope we can come together and educate parents--help them, support them and do all we can to ensure they are supported, as well as their children.

The Glasers said...

To be honest, I think Bettleheim did more to damage autism with his refrigerator mother theory. That was the height of cruelty to those families . . .

Jenny is letting her ego get in the way. I think it is arrogant to say that a young child is cured of autism because there are so many subtle things like nonverbal communication, social referencing, taking contingent actions, etc. that are still issues for "cured" children. There are so many issues that come up during puberty (seizures, mood disorders, anxieties, etc.). Jenny needs to come back and let her son tell his story when he is an adult. I would have more respect for her then.

I have done some biomedical with the hope of improving our quality of life--and it did!!!! Pamela became potty trained on the gf/cf diet (and was incontinent when she ate the wrong foods) and had eczema until we treated her for Candida. Because she was six, these treatments helped her physically, but she was still a child with autism and aphasia. It took us many more years to find the right approach for her (not for your children or Jenny's son, but for my unique child): education (Charlotte Mason style homeschooling), cognitive (RDI), and language (the association method).

I do believe my daughter will be cured because I am a Christian. I believe I will see my daughter able to communicate and freely express herself in heaven. Until then, we will make heaven on earth by loving her, guiding her, inspiring her, AND being inspired by her!

Anonymous said...

I also do not believe that Jenny's son was really ever autistic to begin with but is a child with epilespsy as Gonzo points out. I think McCarthy saw this as a huge opportunity to make lots of money. I mean let's look at the facts, what did this woman do for a living before autism? To be blunt, she was a stripper and with that winding down due to her age, this opportunity came along at a great time for her. There are many gullible parents out there and she capitalized on that.

She reminds me of Catherine Maurice. Say your kid is autistic, write a book and make lots of money.

Anonymous said...


While McCarthy is out peddling books and giving interviews preaching the importance of biomedical, the danger of vaccines, the danger of toxins and so on this complete hypocrite says, out of the OTHER side of her mouth, that she loves Botox. So we find that Jenny herself is full of Botox, bleach, and no doubt, silicone yet she makes money off of parents convincing them of the dangers of toxins. She is a scam, plain and simple and ANY parent who would take this idiot's advice needs their head examined.

InHisMightyGrip said...

I have never been a fan of celebrity cures--To be truthful, I haven't followed the Jenny McCarthy story since, I didn't believe the amount that I heard from other parents of autistic children. Celebrities have the money that most of us do not, and the resources that we cannot even dream of finding. Also, they tend to sell videos, books and any other item way to profit from their experience. Now, if she took the proceeds and started a foundation to help parents fund the same alternatives she used, I might think differently. Also, as all of us parents of autistic children know, no TWO autistic children are alike. My daughter showed no signs of improvement on any vitamins or supplements that others saw dramatic improvement with. We can't afford GFCF here so, I dont know about that. However, what works for one will NOT work for all.
I tried to email you as to encourage you that, I don't think anything bad about you at all--but admire you. I am upset with the way autism-bites is giving us a bad name and giving out false info...nothing more. You deserved the home--and I am proud to say I follow you now, and know how you are. If you want to leave your email on my blog, I will delete it but put it in my address book. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the Jenny thing.
But I fail to see the beauty in adults with autism being cared for by aging parents. That's not beautiful- that's just another one of life's sad realities. They happen, and we each make our peace as best we know how- but let's not get too carried away here :). Calling it beautiful seems a bit excessive, don't you think?

tiffrutherf said...

Thank for the address, i left a comment...I knew other people could she threw the smoking mirrors...

mommy~dearest said...

She wrote another book on Autism?!? Wow. That gives me motivation to write a book on something I have no idea about.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this. I can't tell you how many times I have heard about her book or "cure" or whatever. My only problem is that when I way Jenny McWho? I don't want to sit through the explaination of who or what she is peddling at that particuler time:)

leila said...

I have another concern with the biomed craze. All the money those parents are spending on useless treatments should have been saved to invest on a trust fund for that child, who'll grow up disabled and may not be able to hold a job that pays well, or any job at all. One of my main concerns is that my child doesn't grow up to live in poverty after his parents die.

Foresam said...

I think Jenny was hired to make my side of this issue look bad. Are you sure she isn't paid by Neuroinsanity.

Mom26children said...

I have missed you...

I won't even use my good money to buy her books.

I hope all is well with you and your family...


Anonymous said...

I took her first autism book out of the library because I certainly would never have spent money on it. Her foul language, husband bashing, huge ego, inaccurate facts (she talked about the Hep. "C" vaccine-there is no such vaccine) and obvious low IQ really made her look like a fool and got in the way of any point she was attempting to get across. Her book just screamed... I am an opportunist who wants your money!

Dayna said...

I rarely stop to think of what the"outside world" thinks of autism nor do I want to be looked upon with pity.
My child has autism but I have always described him as 10,000 blessings. He is the sweetest and one of the most loving children I have ever met. Yes, raising a child with autism is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do but when I hug him or rub his head while he sleeps my heart soars because I love him so much. A cure would be wonderful but I need to live in the here and now and love him for who he is and hope for the best, whatever that may be.

Sandy said...

Everyone else already stated how I feel about Jenny...just wanted to say that yes, there are adults with autism doing well out there in the world! I'm 30 and have Aspergers. Until recently I was an elementary school teacher and now I write a blog for my adult aspie peers. Thank you for recognizing that we don't want a pity party - many of us have fairly normal lives and we don't want to be seen as sick or disordered.

Lyn said...

Your blog is interesting. I stumbled on it when I was doing research to counter folks who state that autism is caused by vaccines or vaccines trigger it. I don't think that is the case and the negative view of autism has bothered me for years.
I'll read more of your blog. You have cool things to say and I like your point of view.

Jenny McCarthy bothers me. I haven't read her book yet, but the way she talks about autism bugs me so much. But most of these women on another forum I am agree with her and Jim Carrey and the like.
I think focusing too much on vaccines takes the focus off of helping autistic people when they are adults and have to navigate a world that doesn't get them and doesn't want to see another person's point of view.

Have a good day....

Mom26children said...

Thanks Lyn,
You have made my day.
I am only trying to show another side of Autism. Thanks for noticing.


Lyn said...

Thanks! That's the side I'm looking for