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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Oh Yippee!!!

Well, I personally have been aware of Autism for over 30 years. Starting at the tender
age of 10 years old, I babysat a 2 year old with Autism. That would make the young man
41 years old.
I worked at a residential treatment center from 1982 to 1985. I worked on a dorm with
4 15-year old girls with Autism. They would be 42 right now.

Then, in 1991, I gave birth to the first of our 6 children, 5 whom have autism....so
Aware we are.

So, on this Autism Awareness Day, I will not watch the news. I will not subject myself
to the torments of hearing how Jenny McCarthy is promising people that she can cure
or recover their children. I will not listen to Dr. Kartzinel tell people how his son is broken
and how autism steals the souls from our children....what a putz!!

I would love for Jenny to tell the truth on how her son is not attending regular school,
but a school built for him in their home...with him being the only child.
I would love to hear Jenny explain how she spews the harm of toxins, yet boasts about
the greatness of botox.
I would love for Dr. Kartzinel to explain that he adopted his child from a drug-addicted
mother...the little boy was unfortunately doomed to have neurological problems way before
he received the MMR shot.

I saw an ad on CNN for Larry King...it stated "THE TRUTH ABOUT AUTISM" with
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey....
Neither of them know the truth about autism.

Autism is a neurological disorder. Autism is repetitive behaviors, lack of socialization and lack of verbal skills. Autism is the need to have constant stimulation around them. To make their surroundings comfortable for the noises or conditions around them that bother them, such as rocking, stimming or humming.
Autism is not the gut....Autism is not poop-smearing
(that is just a lovely side-effect due to the constant need of stimulation)...give your kid
some shaving cream instead to smear.
I would love to hear about Autistic children and adults who are thriving and improving
every day without the crap being talked about in Jenny McCarthy's book.

I feel really, truly sorry for the parent of a newly diagnosed child who has to rely on a
bleached-blonde, botox-filled, silicone-altered, D-list actress who is doing more harm
for the world of Autism than she could ever imagine.
I feel horrible for her son, who one day will read her books, and read the filth she
writes about not only his father, but other mothers who do not choose her approach.

Put Jenny McCarthy up against one of us mother's who have been in the world of autism
2 times longer than herself and she will not stand a chance...c'mon, we are ready for
a debate. Not a yelling match, but a debate. Not a name-calling festival, but a debate.
We won't be holding our breath...!!!


Anonymous said...

I really cannot believe you are bashing Jenny McCarthy. If not for her, my son wouldn't be where he is today. She has brought more attention to the treatment of Autism than anyone has in the past. Just because she chooses to use botox, doesn't mean she thinks it's ok to put toxins into her son. If you know anything about biomedical treatments, then you would know that many kids with Autism have a very difficult time detoxing, which is why not everyone gets Autism. We could be exposed to similar toxins and be fine, but some people could get Autism, or Parkinson's or something else.

I think it's disgusting that you criticize her for the work she does. You don't want to watch because you want to accept your children as they are. While that may sound admirable to some, I think it's very sick. I think it's similar to not giving your child their insulin if they are diabetic. You would not give your diabetic child a bunch of sugary snacks and just accept them for who they are, but then again, maybe you would. I also cannot believe you don't give your kids ABA at the very least! If you don't want to go through the trouble of changing their diets, then at the very least, you could get them some behavioral therapy so that they have some chance of growing up to have an independent life. If Jenny's son Evan is being home schooled, then it's because she has the resources to do it. She wants him to have intense learning. I admire her for doing all that she can for her child. Your idea of just accepting kids with Autism sickens me. I am in the process of recovering my son and he has made great leaps with all of our interventions. I accept him and treat him with all the love in the world because he is perfect. But, he needs help and he is injured, no doubt. He was completely normal until he got his 5 year old immunizations (7 in one day) and that same year, he also got the flu vaccine. He has toxic levels of Mercury and other issues that I won't get into, since you think this is all a bunch of crap. I know I won 't change your mind, but I write this in the hopes that other parents reading this don't give up on trying to help their kids in some way. Sure, it doesn't work for everybody, but neither does treating someone for Cancer. So, do we just accept people for being sick? Do we not fight for them with every ounce of our being?

I feel sorry for your kids because they have a mom who has given up. I hope that one day you do turn on the t.v. and watch what is out there, rather than sticking your head in the sand and insisting that you are right. Maybe then, you can take some steps to help your children gain more skills so they can have a more independent life.

Mom26children said...

Dear Anonymous (too cowardly to post your real name?),
It is hypocritical for Jenny to bash toxins and then promote Botox..
It is hypocritical for her to say that her son is in regular school, when he is in fact NOT.
It is hypocritical for her to say he is cured when he is still receiving chelation and other biomedical interventions.
These children are not diabetic..that can cause a child to die. Autism does not equal death.
My children are doing wonderful. They have a mother who actually parent's them. I spend all of my waking hours making sure they have the proper therapies. You have no idea what I do for my children. I just know what I don't do...I do not use unproven methods to remove metals that do not exist in my children.
ABA is, in my opinion, very abusive to a child and his psyche.
My children are all on the honor roll and the epitome of good behavior. I do not have to put a label or a tee shirt on them to tell people they are Autistic. They do not need excuses for their bad behaviors, because we have worked very hard for them to be able to function in society.

No, I do not have respect for Jenny. I believe she is doing more harm than good for this community in which my children are a part of.

Anonymous said...

Just because I didn't post my name does not mean I am cowardly. I don't tell people I don't know who I am for safety reasons.

To me, it doesn't matter if you think Jenny is hypocritical or not. All that matters to me is her message that Autism is treatable. No, it does not cause death like Diabetes can, but that does not mean that we should push it aside as an all or nothing predicament. It is a real problem that requires medical attention. If you want to take things literally, by using all kinds of examples of what Jenny does with her son, then go right ahead. If that makes you feel better about not ridding your kids of toxins, then go ahead. I know plenty of moms who continue to give their kids all kinds of junk and think I'm crazy for giving my kids organic foods that are free of any chemicals or processing. That's their right and that's their issue. Some of them also give their kids medications to control their behaviors. I manage to control my kids behaviors naturally using probiotics, digestive enzymes, healthy food, fish oil and vitamins. I guess I'm just out of my mind, huh? After a year on the gluten free, casein free diet, I gave my son some gluten and within 3 days, he regressed by one year, so I guess I should just let him eat all the gluten he wants, right? I'm glad I was willing to inconvenience myself to see how he does without these foods. It took many months to see positive changes because it takes a very long time for gluten, in particular, to leave the body.

On your first post, it sounded like you just accept your kids as they are and do nothing to help them to overcome their disability. If you do work hard to help them, than that is admirable. If they are, in fact, doing so well in school, then I'm really happy to hear it. I do not for any child to struggle with Autism, regardless of whether or not I agree with their parents methods. My problem was with the idea that nothing should be done. My other problem was with you tearing apart Jenny's life in order to justify the fact that biomedical intervention is bogus. Well, it's not bogus. I have the child to prove it.

You don't have to follow every method of biomedical. If you don't believe in chelation, then don't do it. However, you can't generalize and say all biomedical is wrong. That's the equivalent of saying that all conventional Western medicine is wrong because you don't agree with the use of antidepressants.

Anyway, like I said, I won't convince you and it sounds like you don't need convincing. However, there are plenty of parents out there who are trying, searching and praying for something to help them with their kids who are struggling and not responding to just some TLC. I do agree that ABA looks harsh, which is why I never did it with my son either, but that's not to say that OT, Speech therapy, vision therapy, etc.. don't work. Just because one thing doesn't work, doesn't mean they all don't work.

So, if anyone is reading this and wants to know how they can get more help, they can do a search for Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) online or the Autism Research Institute (ARI). I urge you to help your children in any way you can. They're worth every second of your time, money, energy and prayers.

Mom26children said...

Yes, they are in fact, doing well in all aspects of their lives. They are wonderful kids.
The real problem I have with Jenny and Dr. Kartzinel is the wording they choose...broken, soulless, hit by a bus, etc.
My children are not broken. They have not been hit by a bus. They are not toxic overloaded.
My children have Autism...
Autism is not toxic poisoning. Read the DSM-IV.
If you guys want to call it mercury poisoning, vaccine-damage or toxic poisoning, then call it that and Not Autism.

You do not have to convince me of anything. I have lived with a person with autism for over 18 years. I have seen her improve greatly through OT, Speech, Recreational, Play, and Massage Therapy. I have seen her learn in a fully-inclusioned environment.

Instead of promoting the quackery of TACA on my blog, why don't you start your own blog to sing their praises....
Jenny makes alot of money from TACA, she spends your money well...botox, peroxide, designer clothes, a $15 million dollar mansion, and plastic surgery. She is a walking advertisement for the toxins she so greatly hates...Talk about Hypocritical.

Raising children is very hard work. Raising autistic children to be able to live in society is harder...the hardest of all is getting society to accept our autistic children.
What sucks is that Jenny has made it virtually impossible to get services because everyone thinks that all we have to do is cure our children and we won't need the services.. Gee, thanks Jenny!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't want people to leave their honest opinions on your blog, then make it closed to commentary.

Jenny has dedicated a great deal o her life to helping kids with Autism. By the way, I don't really care what it's called. All I care about is treating it.

I find it quite funny that you refer to the DMS-IV as an authority on what Autism is by definition, when they used to consider people with Autism as Emotionally Disturbed! The person who is responsible for changing this type of labeling and the idea that kids with Autism have "refrigerator moms," was Bernard Rimland...founder of the Autism Research Institute and a major supporter of TACA and the biomedical approach (God rest his soul).

The only thing I spent money on with Jenny is on two of her books and it was money well spent. It's none of my business how she chooses to spend this money. I find it funny that you blame Jenny for making money. How about the billions of dollars that the pharmaceutical companies make on vaccines and drugs for kids with all kinds of issues (not just Autism) that they helped create because they refuse to slow down and space out vaccines. Why in the world would they inject a 2 day old baby with a Hepatitis B shot? It's a sexually transmitted disease! What's the rush? I don't know...could it be money? Nahh...they really care about us. They want our babies to be safe from Hep. B because you never know what you can catch on your way home from the hospital! By the way, here is a recent study that shows Autism can be treated! http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090401145312.htm You probably won't read it though, because it won't confirm what you chose to believe.

What services do you blame Jenny from taking away from your children? Most people actually don't believe that Autism can be treated biomedically. So do they or don't they? I find it fascinating that people consider her views to be extreme and then turn around and say that it's her fault they no longer have services! How disgusting! She is just one woman and she is responsible for your misery? You give her too much credit!

Anyway, I'm done with you and your lies. I'm done listening to the hatred you spew. Go right ahead and have the last word. I will not be visiting your hateful little blog again. I will be enjoying my kids and knowing that I am giving them a chance at the best, healthiest life possible.

tiffrutherf said...

Just came to check in on you..what happened here????

Mom26children said...

Praise Jesus and Hallelujah...
I thank you for making the right decision and leaving.

Mom26children said...

What happened is...someone thought I was wrong in my thinking and wanted to make me think their way...
It won't happen...

I hope you are doing well and resting..


Foresam said...

It looks to me like Jenny and Neuroinsanity are working together.

Mom26children said...

Hi John,
Believe me..Jenny is not part of us.
I am glad to hear from you, I hope all is okay.

Anonymous said...

To Anon.-First of all, you claim that your child regressed into autism at FIVE years old? I find THAT hard to believe.
Get a clue. Many books were written regarding biomedical treatments long before money mongering Jenny came along. She has not come up with anything new that hasn't already been put out there in the past regarding these treatments. She saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. You're a fool for buying her books and she depends on ignorant parents just like you. Who do you think is funding her son's therapies, her botox, her new boob job, her weekly bleachings and so on? YOU ARE! How dumb can people be?!

InHisMightyGrip said...

I have been aware of autism since I got married--although the dx was not the same in the 60's, my husband is AS. I babysat for a child that is almost exactly as Taylor is (funny thing is, we lived in same area, got same vacs, same enviro issues, hmmmm). I have autistic children. I life coach for those with sensory issues of all kinds--from autism to other challenges. I don't need a Hallmark moment to be aware. I want them to stop awaring and start doing something..if ya know what I mean. :)
Celebrities have money, and can make more money on their status. What they can do is NOT what most of us in the lower to middle class could do. I wonder if Jenny had a toilet waterfall that ruined her carpet and now, has mildew in it and couldn't afford to replace it. I wonder if she ever had to sleep on a couch cuz, as soul provider, was responsible for SS showing up, ever time her kid eloped. I wonder if she had to steam beds and vinegar them because, she couldnt afford to replace the mattresses. I wonder if she has heavy duty refrigerator and freezer locks on so, her kid doesn't overstuff himself because he doesnt have sensation of knowing when he is full!

Of course not. And, with her status, she and others can make claims to anything, sell a book and make even more money.

I have a problem with fame because of our kids--and this is my problem with many today--from those doing unreal documentaries about "true autistic families", to those that have massive money and are able to try things that the rest of us would have to sell an organ, a few limbs and a partial brain to receive. I wonder if they could handle a waiting list, in order to get help, because no family members or friends want to be involved.

Oh, man..I got started on my vent...*needs more coffee*

I even give my last name on posts if asked..and my name, if googled can be verified by who I am, what I have done and where I live...I have nothing to hide--so, when I see anonymous..I have to wonder--what are you really hiding? Have the courage, when bashing a good person to at least leave your real name and a blog that it can be responded to, instead of starting a note war...geesh.

UGh, mom..GBY my friend.

Mom26children said...

I have been on the "hate" end of Anonymous people for years. It is very funny, but no one is really anonymous.
These Anonymous people feed off of the other Anonymous people and then they get a chuckle on an Anonymous private forum...so boring.
I stand by my convictions and that scares some people.
I also do think Jenny McCarthy is harmful for Autism and will use my little blog to say so..

Thanks for your kind words...I am glad you get me and my blog...


Anonymous said...

This moron is on Larry King tonite along with her boyfriend who acts like a 4 year old. It is very sad that the media gives these two oddballs a platform. I say write to CNN and let them know that the fact that Jenny is a media whore looking to make more and more money does not make her an expert on autism.

Mom26children said...

I have written every single show she is going on to promote her book and her lies.
I read somewhere today some questions someone wanted Jenny to answer:

1. If her child is indeed "cured", why is it we never see Evan interact with same-aged peers, only adults?
2. If her child is indeed "cured", why is Evan's eye contact minimal?
3. If her child is indeed "cured"
why does Evan not attend a regular school like she says he does?
4. If her child is indeed "cured", why does he repeat phrases over and over...

Sounds like a typical Autie to me...

Anonymous said...

People said that when Evan was at the Green The Vaccines rally last year in D.C. he had a lot of hand flapping and they kept him to the side. Thought he was "cured?" I think she is full of shit and the fact that spineless Larry King will more than likely just let her ramble and not answer the tough questions is pathetic.

Mom26children said...

Larry King just drools over her. It is sickening.
I will tape the show and watch it later...I am taking my children to their elementary school tonight for a Spring Fling. My children with Autism will dance amongst their Neuro-typical peers. They will interact with same-aged peers.
Dancing is great for sensory problems.

Janet said...

Ok, I didn't read all the way through the comments. This is such a nice, positive blog. I love visiting here. I love that you don't think autism is something to be cured. Our Aspie son (not autistic, but certainly on the spectrum) would not choose to be cured even if such a thing were possible! There's absolutely nothing wrong with accepting that kids on the spectrum are neurologically different (they are!) and moving forward with life from that point. Accepting and helping your child (instead of believing some wacko who thinks they can "cure" them) is not akin to ignoring diabetes. It's being able to accept that the way some people function and process is different. We don't do biomedical treatments (although we avoid artificial coloring and sweeteners- because they're just wrong).

Something amazing I've learned in the process of raising my sons and working with 4-H kids of all ages, abilities and backgrounds is: Time and maturity improve most people. My son does not need to have all of his hours filled with intensive behaviour and health interventions.

He needs to be loved, accepted, supported, and integrated into the community. 8 hours of therapy can't accomplish what 1 day spent at the county fair does in terms of social interaction. A year of participating in 4-H meetings will do more for my son than a GFCF diet will.

No- he's not neurotypical. When I told a few of our 4-H moms about his Asperger's diagnosis (new last fall) their response was, "I just thought was extra polite..." Parenting my child while rejecting biomedical treatments does not make me a bad parent- it just makes me a parent who is making a different choice.

I am looking forward to reading more about your very successful family.

Where would the world be if everyone were the same? Several of my close family members would probably be on the spectrum if such things were diagnosed 50 years ago (or more). Thank God no one tried to "cure" them. The world's engineers, scientists, artists, and parents are better because of neurodiversity.

tiffrutherf said...

As you know I am a parent who using the bio-chemical approach for my son. My son has made many improvements, things I would not trade for the world. My son suffered from bad gut issues before we decided to treat them. We had 4 years of him doubling over in pain, blood in his stools, horrible gas, night sweats, infections that got way out of control because things were so bad for him. The bio-chemical way was what we felt was best for our son's type of autism.

I would never go on T.V. and claim that this is the "cure" or call parents bad if they did not do for their kid what I did for my son. Because he is only one child, who autism effected in this way. I did, and do, what I think was best as a parent. I think when we begin truly understand that autism is a spectrum disorder...meaning it effect EVERY child differently, then we can turly began to accept the fact that people will treat it differently. But no one person should go on T.V. claiming that this is the "Cure" and NO ONE should bash anyone for not doing things their way.

The D.A.N! protocol has been around long before Jenny M.(I think this is what she uses), So please lets not give her credit for this! I stumbled on it while trying to figure out what was wrong with my son stomach as he was not vocal a could not tell me what was wrong. But my success is just that, my success..Like my Grandma says, their are 100 way to treat a cold, but the whole point is you get well.

I don't anything Jenny M. I must admit.. I need to be filled in more message..Did she really say she has found the "Cure" to autism?

tiffrutherf said...

Sorry the two year old was trying to help me type the last paragraph..what it should have read was:

I don't know anything about Jenny M.'s message; is it true that she said she's found the cure for autism?

Cassie said...

I have mixed feelings on the "autism is not to be cured issue." Cancer needs a cure, heart disease needs a cure and so does autism. My son was completely normal from birth until two when he got his 18th month shot (MMR), got a high fever and went into convulsions. He changed literally over night. The two year old who talked, was toilet trained, and normal in every aspect was gone. My son does wish the autism away. He is able to tell me that since he's been on the all natural, GFCF diet. I limit the exposure to any chemicals I possibly can. He has shown incredible progress but he was such a sick child and in the hospital bleeding from one end or the other for years, among many other huge health issues followed surgeries. His health was (and still has issues) horrible and he lived in hell. This has been autism for us. He's never smeared anything, never high pitch screamed and even though his language skills are poor, he usually doen't stick out in a crowd and we've not found a place we cannot take him because of poor behaviour. He's a great kid. That said, before the diet he woud cry inconsolably for as long as 6 hours at a time - or until he pass out asleep from exhaustion. He wouldn't eat or sleep. We have none of these issues any longer. I don't always agree on how people live their lives in public or private but really feel I have no place to judge them - that includes Jenny or yourself. The thing I realy hate about ASD is the parents and the arguing people do about which method is better, whose child is higher functioning, etc. I'm so sick of that. Imagine what could happen if everyone pulled together and united to help these kids. I doubt that'll ever happen because we're all stuck in a zone that being right is the only thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

Cassie-I do understand what you are saying about your son and his issues, however understand that Jenny does not seems to be doing this to "raise awareness." Many books had been written on biomed LONG before she came along and many parents claimed to have had success with these interventions. Jenny is telling parents nothing new although she loves people to believe that. Know that Jenny seems to be doing this simply as a way to make a large income since the wowman has zero talent herself and is not marketable for anything else since her stripping days seem to be over. I still do not believe her son is on the spectrum but rather has a seizure disorder. She comes across as a scam, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Jenny Mccarthy is a total fraud. She knows it and doesn't give a rip. She's hijacked the autism label to further her celbrity status, and like so many celebs, she is all about herself...she's so phony...and whoeover believes her hype and lies are total fools. Sadly, her son did go through some tough times..he had infant seizures and they were pretty severe, but he was never autistic...shame on the media for being so ignorant on what autism really is.

Anonymous said...

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