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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Giving THANKS..

I am so thrilled it is THANKSGIVING this week. I love Thanksgiving. I love having a houseful of people coming in and out all day. I love the smell of fresh sage and turkey roasting in the oven. I love the smell of pumpkin pie.
Our friends, family and neighbors come to our house with their families. Last year, we had 35 people here. It was the most amazing day. We spent time talking about old times, new times, our children, our families....we spent time getting to know all the new friends while intertwining our lives with the old friends.

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We have been blessed in so many ways:
Our children are healthier than they have ever been. They have all astounded us with wonderful grades and amazing behaviors in school.
They have all made new and really sweet friends. They have become more independent and responsible. Thank you God for that.
My husband has remained our biggest fan. He values each of his children and I must say I am so thankful to have found him to marry and be the father of our children.
My friends...old and new...who treat our family as one of theirs. Who value my children for all they are. For letting me vent when I have had a bad day...yes I get them...and letting me tell them joyous things that are happening to us.

See, Thanksgiving is, to me...the best holiday.
No gifts to give, but that of love and food.
Thanksgiving allows me to say a prayer of thanks:
Here it goes...
Thank you Lord for all that you have given us this year. Thank you Lord for the people in my life. Thank you for the patience you have given me when little things get out of control..Thank you for allowing me to see my children for what they are, not what I want them to be. Thank you for bringing wonderful people into our life and continue to do so....
Thank you for allowing me to mother the 6 most amazing children in the world. Thank you for bringing my husband into my life. I do not think I would be the mother I am without him. Thank you for my friends...they get my humor and appreciate it.

I wish everyone out their a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you too take the time to Give THANKS.....


emmanuel said...

thanx for that mail.......hope u r so happy with ur children.....
with all wishes and prayers,
wish ur children and urself well being and all nice things future hold for u......

take care......

little bo peep said...

Hey, mazel tov on the house news! We are so happy for your family and look forward to seeing your adventure on TV!

Anonymous said...

Heard you were getting a free house. Using those kids gets you a lot of hand outs doesn't it?

Zynlady said...

Wow! It still amazes me when cowardly, anonymous people spew forth such malice and ignorance.
Anon, you obviously do not know this family and you obviously do not know Jeanette. This family was nominated for this honor by a neighbor. Jeanette did not dangle her children in front of anyone to secure her family being chosen to receive a "free house" or any other handouts. While Jeanette is honest in that her family qualifies for and receives assistance under certain programs, it isn't like they are lazy bums that don't work in an attempt to support their family.
Perhaps, if you knew this family, you'd understand why the community rallied behind them and recommended them for this makeover. The community, like myself, find it totally amazing that this family finds time to give back to the community instead of wallowing in the depths of self-pity and the need to find perfection within their children. The O'donnell's are truly an amazing family and I applaud any good fortune that comes their way.
Anon, if you would kindly post your identity, when they formulate a show for an attitude makeover, I will be more than happy to nominate you.

Anonymous said...

Somebody (who apparently knows the family well) wrote a comment on another blog that the children eat fast food constantly, are overweight and are not fed wonderful home cooking as Jeanette claims. This person also claims that Jeanette fails to mention that the husband has "anger management issues." It would be nice to know if this was true or if she just puts on this front as one big happy autistic family. People with kids on the spectrum should be honest.

Mom26children said...

The person who is spreading all of her/his venom about my family does not know us at all. This person, who is a coward like yourself and remains "Anonymous" has never stepped foot into my home.
My children are well-fed and well cared for. They DO NOT eat fast food, unless it is a treat.
And the fact you state my husband has "anger management" issues is a blatant lie. That my dear, is slander....but I guess that is why you post anonymously....so you cannot be questioned about your motives.
Zyn, you know I love you....you are one of the reasons I do not have people like Anonymous in my life. These people are toxic and they know it.

Anonymous, I hope you find enough happiness in your pitiful little life to leave me and my family alone....

Zynlady said...

You want to know the truth?
Okay, here goes.
The children are well taken care of, their father is a kind, thoughtful man, this family is well respected and admired, and Jeanette is a wonderful mother that wants the best for her children and puts her efforts into that task.
Also part of the truth is that there are those that will write with some sense of familiarity and speculation only to discredit any opinion held by Jeanette.
You wanted the truth - there you go. Not from someone who "apparently knows the family well" but from someone that ACTUALLY knows the family.
You take Jeanette as is ... there isn't a charade nor are there any masks ... what you see is what you get. I have never known an untruth to be uttered from her in regards to her family nor her life.
She doesn't bury her head in the sand and she doesn't tolerate the ignorance of others well. She does respect the rational views of others, but will express her opinion if she is in disagreement. It seems, however, that those with which she disagrees find her words utterly contemptible and speculate that she is somehow "unfit" because her opinion varies from theirs.
Oh well ... when all is said and done, those of us who KNOW Jeanette and her family, know the truth and those who wish to quote those that "apparently" know Jeanette can keep their head in the sand.

Jeanette, keep up the good work. You know how much I admire you and your husband and how much I adore your children.

Oh, did I ever thank you for sharing their artwork with me for my conference? The people attending loved it!!!!

Mom26children said...

It was our pleasure to share the artwork. I cannot wait until you see what they did with it in our new home.
If it were up to me, I would be sending pictures to everyone, but it is not up to me, but the higher beings at ABC.
As I blogged previously, I do not take any comments by people who sign "Anonymous".
The person whom "Anonymous" is talking about does not know my family AT ALL.....she read an article in USA Today and came to her own conclusions.
You know, as well as myself, that my family has been put through every background check and evaluation imaginable. We passed all with flying colors. We have nothing to hide. I just wish these cowards could do the same.
Much love to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I did not state that. I said someone on another person's blog stated that and it makes one question the truth at times.

Mom26children said...

Anonymous, if that is your real name.....
To even take what a person states on a person's blog, ANONYMOUSLY, as truth is ridiculous.
People who post ANONYMOUSLY do so for a reason...so their facts cannot be proven true or false. I will tell you what they have written about my family is false.

The person who is writing these comments about me, has no spine. How can you trust a person without a spine?