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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

HEADLINES...How Jenny McCarthy SAVED Her Son...

This is an excerpt from US Magazine...

Jenny McCarthy opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about her son Evan's battle with autism, and how she won't stop her fight to be heard.

When Jenny found out that her son had autism, she said that she made a deal with God that day. If God showed her how to fix Evan, then she would teach the world how to do it. "My perception of what is really important changed. Needing to have the best designer shoes? When your kid's sick, it's like, "Who cares?" McCarthy tells Us.
As for more kids, Jenny says "No, I got my ass kicked, I got it kicked ... Now all my attention is toward maintaining Evan's recovery, helping all these families, being a great girlfriend to Jim and that's it."

Oh, my, goodness !!!

Poor Evan, to now know his Mother thought of him as so broken she had to "fix" him.

I saw an interview with Ms. McCarthy on one of the "magazine" shows with Billy Bush.
Jenny was showing Mr. Bush Evan's school room that is in her house. He is home-schooled, because she says his immune system is so bad, he can pick up many germs.

Children with Autism need to be inclusioned with "neuro-typical" children, because this is where they learn to socialize. Not in a closed classroom with absolutely no classmates.

In US Magazine, Jenny is saying she must maintain Evan's recovery...that makes absolutely no sense. You are either recovered or not. If you must maintain it, then the Autism is still there. Autism is not a diagnosis that is removeable. A child can improve on their Autistic symptoms, but they are still Autistic.

Make up your mind, Jenny....

On Oprah, he is cured..On Larry King, he is cured....in US Magazine, he is recovered.

Evan is a beautiful little boy. He is lucky to be growing up in a home that has no worries about the cost of helping him and his Autism. Autism is very expensive. Jenny McCarthy lives in a huge mansion with financial support surrounding her. Jenny is very disillusioned when she puts herself out there like "one of the normal parent's" who has to put off paying a bill in order to pay for a therapy.

When talking about having more children...Ms. McCarthy talks about having her ass kicked....pretty sad. I hope that when Evan grows up and is able to grasp the things his mother has written about him, she is able to explain away her insensitive remarks about her son.

When you are in the public eye, you are open for scrutiny. Our family has experienced this, not too the extreme as Ms. McCarthy, but we were scrutinized pretty good.

Jenny McCarthy makes some pretty bold claims.
There is so much information on autism that is not relayed on talk shows like Oprah and Extra. Jenny McCarthy, when grasping for facts, throws out insults. Jenny McCarthy is really not the Autism expert she portrays herself to be. She did not invent the GFCF diet. The diet has been around at least 15 years...we had our oldest on the GFCF diet back then.
The thing that really gets me the most about Jenny McCarthy is the fact that when she asks for testimonials on improved children with Autism, she does not want to see the children that are improving without the GFCF diet or without chelation. She does not want to show the world that children, such as my own, are progressing as fast or faster without the use of biomedical interventions.

I have said this from the beginning of the whole Biomed vs. Non-Biomed "war"....there needs to be two sides shown to everything. You must give parent's who have children that are newly diagnosed with autism the ability to make decisions with a clear head. Not with propaganda and celebrity-endorsed alternative treatments.


abfh said...

Evan probably already understands some of it. Sad, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I don't like her very much either. She reminds me of Michael Jackson with his whole germophobic fixation (I think that was in his pre-pedophilic days).
I don't have a problem with her "kicked ass" comment, though. I feel the same way, and I don't think it's disrespectful to my kids- it's my personal choice not to have any more kids because I don't want another child with autism. I think it's a reasonable call.
(well- that, plus I'm starting to get really old !)


Anonymous said...

I can't stand that woman. She had this awful, useless career. Suddenly she has a kid with autism and she's climbing the charts.

I'm not saying she's using her son at all, I'm just saying she rubs me the wrong way.

jdg6385 said...

Anonymous shut up MJ ain't no 'pedophile' and you will never in your life have any proof of something that was nothing more than ploy to extort money from him and you ate up that stupid mother and kids shitty stories faster than someone in a hot dog eating contest.

TEACH said...

I think you made some great points regarding Jenny McCarthy’s book, “Louder Than Words”. I recently heard a presentation about this book and I was excited before it began, wanting to learn more about it, but was disappointed at the conclusion of the presentation. I still do want to read this book though, just to get the full story. I really have mixed feelings about this book and the steps Jenny McCarthy has taken with her son, Evan, after he was diagnosed with autism. I agree with you, it “sent shivers down my spine” when I heard that Jenny wrote that she made a vow with God that she would “fix” her son, after finding out that he had autism. Children who have disabilities are not broken, they do not need fixing. Children may have learning disabilities or a physical disability; that is what makes us all unique and different. I also agree that an inclusion classroom is usually the best environment for students with autism. Children need the socialization and interaction with other children their age. I know Jenny must think she is doing the right thing and keeping Evan healthy by keeping him out of a school building, but in my opinion, this may not have the best end results. I am rather new to autism, meaning that I am currently learning more and more about autism every day. As far as I know though, you can never be “cured” of autism. I have read that autistic characteristics can lessen with early intervention practices and therapies, but the autism will never completely diminish. I agree with you when you say that it does not make sense when Jenny says, she must “maintain Evan’s recovery”. I too thought that she has said that her son’s autism is no longer there. It sounds like Jenny may need to complete some more research or at least accept that her son will always be autistic, even if he may not always display autistic characteristics. I do give her credit for all of the support she has gotten her son to make these changes take place, but not everyone, like you said, can afford it. Having a child with a disability can be very expensive. It can also be very draining for a family because of all of the time and effort it takes to make sure that the child receives the support services they need. I do agree that parents of children with autism should be careful of what types of publicity about autism they listen to and not let this information cloud their own judgment. After all, a parent always knows their child the best. It sounds like you are a wonderful mother and I cannot even imagine how hectic your life must be. To have five children with autism must keep you very busy, but it sounds like you are doing a great job. I too think you have to sometimes turn a “deaf ear” to the information you hear in the media. Biomedical intervention, new found diets, when is it just too much for a young child? Keep up the good work!