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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Zzzzz, that is what I want to write after most of the posts
I read on Autism Message Boards. The same boring people, writing
the same boring things.
First...how very sad I am that my child has autism...boohoo for me, my life
is over. How very sad I am for your child(ren) that you are sad for them.
Second...We know you believe thimerosal causes Autism...okay, next subject.
Third...There is so much you can do with your children instead of them staring
at you typing on the computer. Really, they would enjoy some "quality" time with
Fourth...blaming failing marriages on Autism...guess what? Your marriage probably
would not have lasted anyway. Autism is just a very good excuse. Any marriage
takes work. Life ain't easy, but how boring would it be if it were.

Let us really bring Autism into the forefront...let us yell from the top of our lungs...

We do not have time to wallow in self pity in our home. We do not have time to
blame anyone or anything for our children being diagnosed. We do not have
time to focus on anything but our children who are so involved with being children, they
do not have time for much else.

I am just a mother raising 6 children to grow up and be the best people they can be..
I have a long road ahead of me, and so do my kids. But, by what they have proven to
me so far...my job will be a piece of cake.


Bonnie D. said...

I too tire of people whining, and thusly that is why i enjoy the Hub so much (and would love to be part of it someday). If someone with your totals can say let's celebrate our children, then others should reconsider their feelings and outlook. It's hard to be happy all the time, but why make a point of sharing the bad times with the world!?

Mom26children said...

Hi Bonnie,
Sympathy and pity are all ready for a party.
Happiness and acceptance are not.
I have never questioned why I have my children...never had to.
I just love them all dearly.


Anonymous said...

My favorite posts on message boards are the confused, struggling parents, who are trying to make sense of it all- the ones who hate autism one day, and then are elated the next day for something wonderful their ASD child just did. Show me someone who celebrates autism every day and I'll see someone who is either in denial or who has some extraordinary power of autosuggestion, or maybe someone who doesn't know there is an alternative. Show me someone who is unhappy every day and I'll see someone with weak coping skills. Most people fall in between.
Incidentally- the self-righteous are just as predictable in their posts as are the whiners. Seriously.


Mom26children said...

Hi Lillian,
Even having a Neurotypical child is far from having a typical day. How boring would that be?
It has to be hard to feel happy about a child you feel is "poisoned" or needs to be "cured".
All I know is they are not doing much parenting...some Message Board Posters are on the computer from sun-up to sun-down....
Guess they don't think their Autistic children need any supervision....
We know who they are...

Anonymous said...

Jeanette- I don't think my son was poisoned, and the only thing he was a victim of, was an unlucky genetic combination. He is my heart, and nobody poisoned him and he won't be "cured" of his PDD. My point being- you don't have to obsess over having a poisoned child to not be happy that your kid is autistic. Kind of self-explanatory.
You are always preaching your positive attitude- but really all I'm hearing is happiness over what your kids have overcome, not over where they are coming from. I hear your happiness and pride over some of your kids being discharged from special ed services (mazel tov, BTW !!!!!!!!)- well- that's happiness over OVERCOMING autism, not over swimming in it. Different angle.
Not to be unfair towards my own kid- he is doing OK-ish, but looks like still solid special ed material for the years to come. And I know there are others who need even more care than he does, since there are ASD kids who are trashing down the place, beating their parents etc. And not because they were not properly disciplined (as you have suggested in previous writings).
So- all this ranting of mine to show that some whining seems to be in order, at least on occasion, in those who have not been blessed with either recovering kids or a Pollyanna-esque attitude.

I personally rolled the reproductive dice one more time after my ASD child, and by the grace of God ended up with a non-autistic second child. Trust me, a day with a typical child is just a typical day- at least typical for a working mother with a demanding life and 2 kids who aren't deaf-mute. I've heard this before- kids be they ASD or NT can be a handful etc. Umm.....no. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign- Lillian

Mom26children said...

Hi Lillian,
I still have 2 very autistic children. I am not depressed over that, just tired...especially from the younger one.
That being said, our NT child, truly is by far my most challenging child. She knows exactly what buttons to push...she is 10 years old after all. She is also a huge help to me and her father.

I am so proud what my children have overcome, but I have never, ever wanted them to be anything but what they are....