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I am the proud mother of 6 children. 5 of our children have autism. We do not feel our world has ended, but just begun. We do not chelate, intervene biochemically, give shots of any kind, practice ABA, etc. We treat them as we treat any humanbeing. We treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same from them. They are exceptional children.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


This is what I found in the comments on another blog site....
You can guess the blog, I won't promote it...

Dumb, meet Dumber..

dgdavis said...
Hi John,I just wanted to thank you for sticking up for me on the "Surviving my crazy Lies, oops I mean Life blog. Someone sent me a PM and I have to say it was quite funny! What was really humorous was that Elizabeth N. Kirby AKA Roo2/Winnie would post an address there that she thinks is mine.Only she forgets that I'm not hiding from anyone. I don't have a reason to conceal who I am. All she had to do was ask if she wanted to know. It's 713 Kendall Dr. Vestavia Hills, AL 53226! Maybe I could've saved her some searching time. Hahaha!I'm so glad to see that Jeanette is ignoring me. If she wouldn't lie so much maybe someone could believe what she says. I feel sorry for her kids having a "role model" that is such a liar. tsk tsk... And Amy with all her mommy guilt, how many husbands has she had now? 5 kids and I think they all have different fathers? Oh well, maybe they'll all take their own unsolicited advice and get some help,maybe they have a liars anonymous or something similar. But they can't be very "anonymous" with all the public lying they do. All I asked was to be left alone but for some reason (moth to a flame?) they keep revealing more foolishness with every "conversation" we have. Guess that must be why they are all friends, they share that masochistic I'm a bad girl, spank mething in common. Hahaha! Thanks again John and have a good weekend!
dgdavis said...
Well John, it appears I didn't need your
support on that ugly blog after all. It seems Jeanette is getting the spanking she needed from all her "admiring fan club." LOL!Talk about a glutton for punishment. Do you think it's too late for me to get her autograph? Oh darn! And Liz Kirby, (I'm sure she's no relation to David, just one of life's odd coincidences) sadly has Jeanette beat in the "pathetic" department. If she's so "worried" about protecting her internet identity and her son, (and other 2 children) it would be very wise of her to put a lid on her intractable obsession and leave well enough alone. I won't hesitate to reveal all the information I have about her kids if she insists on persisting with this sickness of hers. It would've been so easy to just leave me alone like I asked. Maybe a call to her husband Russell would be in order at the University of AL Birmingham. He's probably not busy with all that meaningless "research" going on. Yes, we all know the "intellectually superior" type with he self-impressing CV. Yawn. "Things" must be very boring for you, we can see why you need some extra excitement. But as difficult as it may be for you, it really is possible to live your life without being such a termagant and all the "drama." It is a small world after all. Pooh Pooh. I'll thank you in advance for doing a "spell check" for me. Hahaha!And you can consider yourself "warned."
Sat Feb 09, 11:48:00 AM EST
Foresam said...
Diane,I didn't know Jeanette was planning to kill two of her kids. It doesn't sound like she's celebrating the joy of autism like a true ND nitwit.
Sat Feb 09, 01:36:00 PM EST
dgdavis said...
Yes John, Just look at this comment from Jeanette's blog:"Patrick is helping me when he gets home from work and I cannot wait for school to startnext week....I need a nap.I have nursed 5 children from the brink of death during Christmas break...okay, that isan exaggeration...just bronchitis...Boo hoo, she can't wait for school to start? Mom of the year, eh? That's right lady, just pawn your kids off on everyone else. I don't think I know anyone else who has a 40 hours per week personal aid for their child. Caitlin has one though. And instead of counting her blessings, she's complaining. And what does she mean she "needs a nap?" What's that? Is there any other parent out there who has the luxury of taking a nap? I guess we should submit her name for sainthood right?And I see someone's been busy tattling to the FA at AS. The FA must be very sick of you by now Liz.And Amy, it's not really my concern that you can't keep a man happy. But don't project your anger onto me as if I have anything to do with it.But I'd be happy to slap you a few times, I'm sure you miss that. Maybe you could get along with a piece of rubber with two big balls on the end of it. What's that called? A dildo, I think or at least a vibrator. You seem to have an odd preoccupation with how much people weigh. Maybe a workout might help you, if you don't have a man around, a treadmill works wonders for releasing natural endorphins and you may be able to finally throw all that medication away you need to get through the day. An eliptical machine is also worth every penny. But no matter how big my butt is sweetie, it'll never be bigger than your mouth.
Sat Feb 09, 03:53:00 PM EST
Anonymous said...
Mom26 threatened to kill two of her kids? Scary! This from the woman who condemns anyone and everyone for doing any sort intervention and thinks she is the "perfect parent!" Being most of her kids don't even sound like they are on the spectrum you've really got to wonder about this woman.
Sat Feb 09, 06:32:00 PM EST
Anonymous said...
And poor Jeanette needs a nap. Don't we all! She's nothing but a lazy ass. Gets a free house and services for all of her kids (even the ones who don't sound autistic at all) is still complaining.
Sat Feb 09, 06:41:00 PM EST
Anonymous said...
Mom26 claims on her blog that she was at an Autism Workshop all day helping other parents. I can only imagine what her version of "help" is. She is probably telling parents that biomedical and intensive ABA are horrible and cruel and they should just accept their kids and they will grow up just fine. It is truly frightening that a person like this is out giving advice to parents who are new to autsim.
Sat Feb 09, 07:46:00 PM EST
Anonymous said...
Oh yes, John, mom26's threat to take out 2 of her kids & sterilize a third one was printed in the paper in Austin Tx.She wanted to prevent her daughter from producing any offspring, (they might be autistic) while she went on & had 6 of her own.If anyone needed to be sterilized, it's that stupid bitch. She got an Anon. reply to her blog regarding calling the authorities for her threats to her kids, (not to mention she gets really aggressive in her posts & that fury's gotts go somewhere) and she got all wadded up & started with "you aren't as anon. as you might think.....you're making threats.......blah...blah...""I love me life...as long as school's in session." What a fuckin' twat.
Sat Feb 09, 08:05:00 PM EST

What lovely talk from a mother of 2....no wonder she is so friggin mean.

Diane, I really do feel so sorry for you.
I hope you find the happiness you so are looking for in your life.

What have you done for Autism lately???
Oh, that's right, NOTHING.

Diane, be very careful who you sell your soul to.


Beau McClelland said...

Remember, don't let the bastards (or bitches) grind ya down!

You do more positive things for autism than Diane or John could ever dream of.

afraid of the sociopaths said...

Diane Davis is one sick female. And truly gutter level mean. She and John are make a nice pair. I really feel bad for her family. Sounds like her extended family aren't too happy with being related to her, either.

Alyric said...

This is making me feel ill. You are going to have to put some distance here and treat the whole thing as beneath contempt. Because this is the product of ignorance exacerbated by the lack of any moral standard. If you like, the folks weren't brought up right or didn't absorb much. As such they are quite capable of doing a great deal of harm. Since they're also in a group situation, they tend to feed off each other and this sort of thing escalates.

It happens to auties all the time and I think is the hardest thing to deal with. If you like, this is just a really good example of what being a target looks and feels like. Not pleasant at all is it? And these folks think of themselves as 'normal', which is more than a little ironic in my view. Usually the perpetrators are 10 and 12 year olds but I think we can call these folks cases of arrested development and as I said they don't have much in the way of standards to guide them.

You're in good company here on the Hub and there are a lot of folks who understand this type of meanness very well. Keep your chin up and we'll all stand right behind you.

Diane G. Davis said...

I'm so so sorry Jeanette! Can you ever forgive my cruelty and bad spelling?
Please help me with some advice on how to raise my children! They make me want to scream!

happy bunny said...

Wow. Diane Davis continues to roll around in the hateful dung heap she created. And as predicted, is now squealing "victim."

It is one thing to be a fool, it is another to invest every waking moment proving it.

dgdavis64 and John Best seem to have no moral boundaries whatsoever. Neither hesitates to ridicule children or people with autism. Nothing new really, though I thank you for pulling the behind-the-scenes dgdavis64 out into the bright light of day.

Exposing and saving harassment and threats is probably a good idea -- you never know when law enforcement might need them. Further, other parents, especially new parents, should be aware of their filth before taking anything that either has to say seriously.

Next prediction (usually follows "victim" stage): Citation of Disney wisdom, cartoon comebacks, and Bible scripture.

(rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

What they did is very, very, sick and it makes my blood boli!!! They did this not ony for entertainment, they also have some low self-esteem or emotional issues, that causes them to act out on anyone, who causes no harm to them in order to "feel good" about themselves. I know that cyberbullying is a now a gowing problem, and I am concern that if they keep on bullying someone online, somebody is going get hurt by their own stupid actions. I did found some infomation about dealing with cyberbullies to keep you and your children safe


Internet For our Children' Sake-

A Watch Dog Oraganization'
Advocating for Bullied Children-

Cyber Chrimals Most Wanted-

And Innfomation about Cyberbullying on Wikipedia-

I am sorry that you go though this, and I hope that they stop bullying and get some help.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forget some more:

The Online of Cyberbullies and Internet Abuse-

Prevent Cyberbulling and Internet Harassment-

Again, I am sorry that you go though this, and I hope that they stop bullying and get some help.

"TXDrummerMom" Vicki said...

Obviously this dgdavis has no life.

I wonder...was she friends or close to these people that she now bashes.

She threatens to reveal information? Tattle to someones husband?

How do you get a threat of killing 2 children from this? "Just look at this comment from Jeanette's blog:"Patrick is helping me when he gets home from work and I cannot wait for school to startnext week....I need a nap.I have nursed 5 children from the brink of death during Christmas break...okay, that isan exaggeration...just bronchitis..."

When I read the whole post it was funny, J was ready for Christmas break to be over....What parent has not said or thought the exact same thing?

I don't get it.

I need to see this article in the Austin paper for myself. I really don't think J would " take out " 2 of her kids. As far as sterilization DUH! I think any mother in her right mind would do the same thing for an autistic female child.

Jeanette choosing to have 6 children or 1 or 20 is non-issue here.

And all that other crap is non issue as well.

Leave Jeanette alone..I have known this woman almost all of my life and she is not mean or hateful.

I luv ya J

Anonymous said...

Diane, the only thing worse than your use of profanity on a website that is supposed to be about helping parents and children is the venom and hate that is in every message you put on these blogs.

The fact that you are willing to attack not just adults but the children of these people is the true mark of a COWARD and a BULLY...for your kids sake, please go away or better yet, get some help.

Andrew C. Davis said...

Please Jeanette, help my wife. She is delusional and needs medication. Back when I first married her she was fun and cute. Now she is frigid and mean. What went wrong?

don't worry too much pal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused...if you pulled this entry on your blog from someone else's blog, didn't you expect them to say something? And isn't the word friggin that you used in this entry a slang term for f@#$ing? It seems that every blog I visit has profanity these days.


tinfoil sales in virginia said...

I would have thought that Diane Davis lived in a tin foil covered shack Guess it's a tin foil covered house.

Joeymom said...

My pal Monkeygirl has a perfect term for these kinds of people... Crayzees. Do try to stay away from them. Napping is a far better use of your time and energy.


amy said...

Does Diane still not realize that she has the wrong person's name and address posted on that blog? I feel sorry for her--for E. Kirby that is. There she is, minding her own business, completely oblivious to the fact that some crazee on the internet has associated her name with Roo2 and Winnie.
A case of mistaken identity gone terribly wrong.
Wonder if there are any sort of legal actions Ms. Kirby could take against Ms. Davis? Something to ponder.....

Anonymous said...

Jeanette is this really the type of "positive blogging" you are after? I am always told how postivie and uplifting the blogs at the autism hub are, yet this is what I always find. It is very disappointing to me.

I hope I don't have any spelling errors. You are your friends seem to severely disrespect people for that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that they are disrespecting people for that because every person have different views of families of person with autism specturm good or bad, or both.
Why we keep going on about this post?
Lets move on!!!